*Cancellation Notice* Curt Rhine Memorial Car Show 2018
By EMT Sheila Gonzalez
October 25, 2018

*Cancellation Notice*

Over the past few days, we have received many phone calls in reference to the Curt Rhine Memorial Car Show this weekend. We understand the concerns about the weather and in no way want to chance the possibility of having the pristine cars that will attend be subjected to such weather. We are saddened to announce that the 2018 Curt Rhine Memorial Car Show WILL BE CANCELED. Those that have pre-registered as of 10/25/2018 will receive your dash plaque. Please contact us at communityoutreach@northernberksems.com, we can mail them to you, or you can make an appointment to pick it up. All pre-registered cars will receive a discount on next year's registration fee as we continue to grow this show that is very near and dear to us. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we hope to see everyone at next year's show! Thank you all for your support.