American Heart Association Heart Saver Hero Awards Ceremony
By EMT Sheila Gonzalez
September 12, 2017

Sunday, August 20th started as a normal day for the first responders of Northern Berks EMS, Northern Berks Regional Police Department, and Company 12 Blandon Fire Department. A 911 call was received a reported cardiac arrest. At that time a system designed to save lives was set into motion. Bystander CPR was initiated immediately, Police arrived followed by an Advanced Life Support Unit from Northern Berks EMS station 2 and Fire Department QRS from Blandon Fire Department. Due to the nature of the call, an assist from Northern Berks EMS station 1 arrived and this team of professionals worked together to bring life-saving skills to the patient. When they arrived at the hospital the patient was awake and talking. The patient was immediately transferred to the Cath lab at Penn State Health Saint Joseph. The patient was released after a brief stay to their home to recover. It is because of this team work that these professionals make an impact in our community each day.

Please help us recognize these amazing individuals who were honored to receive the American Heart Associations' Heart Saver Hero award on 09/11/2017 at the Northern Berks Regional Police Department's Police Commissioner meeting:

Northern Berks Regional Police Department: Sergeant Robert Wood

Blandon Fire Department: Captain Casey Tiderman

Northern Berks EMS station 1: Paramedic Sam Henne & EMT Fred Massa

Northern Berks EMS station 2: Paramedic Jake Motacki & EMT Jesiah Newsome

We at Northern Berks EMS are very proud of and grateful for all of the first responders who work for us and those that we have the opportunity to work beside. Great job to all involved!